Modernes Autohaus der Marken Ford spezialisiert auf Neufahrzeuge und Werkstattleistungen. Zweigeschossiger Bau mit großem Außengelände und Stellplätzen. Im Obergeschoß sind die Büroräume und im Erdgeschoss ist die Fahrzeugausstellung. Im neben Gebäute befindet sich die Werkstatt.

Exklusive Disco (Club) in unmittelbarer Nähe zur Fußgängerzone Saarbrückens.
Mainfloor mit DJ Pult, Lounge mit eigenem Floor und Bar, Cocktailbar und weitere Bars sowie Lagerräume.
Mehrere Bildschirme und Multimediawand.

The event site "AULA Kulturforum" is a great combination of a structure rich in tradition (former grammar school in the neo-Renaissance style) and modern atmosphere (extension and renovation in 200

tattoo studio in Saarbrücken-Dudweiler

The “Guldenschlucht” (florin gorge) is an impressive V-shaped valley with a tiny creek and enormous mottled sandstone boulders. The Saar-Moselle hiking trail leads through the gorge, passing over numerous little bridges and stairs, from Saarland to Rhineland-Palatinate. The canyon forest is primarily composed of beech trees. The gorge is also home to fire salamanders.

This modern family-friendly public pool is one of the most beautiful open air pools in the northern part of Saarland. It’s especially popular for its good water quality, the peaceful atmosphere, and the beautiful surrounding nature, all of which invite young and old to spend relaxing moments here.

The „Kaltensteinpfad“, a Premium hiking trail labelled „Traumschleife“ (dream loop), has the shape of the figure eight. It leads past a historic horse trough, surrounded by majestic beech trees, the two “Kaltensteine”, impressive rock formations, and then up to the Hoxberg summit, whose 7,8 km long ascent is rather steep and strenuous. Different types of forest (e.g. primeval forest, enchanted forest) still show signs of the enormous destruction caused by two hurricanes in 1990. The Kaltenstein hiking trail is considered to be of intermediate difficulty; it was awarded 56 points by the German Hiking Institute (Deutsches Wanderinstitut).

Rustic style tavern with hunting theme room, ballroom and stage.

This ghost bridge, which leads across the Saar, is located near the St. Arnual district in Saarbrücken.

The abbey was built in 1606 in Luxembourg.

the adult education centre is one of the few buildings from the 1950s which have already been placed under monumental protection. Designed by the architect Prof.

800 m asphalt runway with taxiway. 700 m grass runway (not serviceable at the moment). 3 hangar buildings, tower, pilots' lounge with panoramic terrace.

The farm house in Reitscheid was built in 1862.

The "Alte Schmelz" is an industrial cathedral, protected as a historic monument, and can be used as event or production venue for all types of studio projects or events.

'Angel's - das hotel am fruchtmarkt' is an excellent starting point for excursions in the heart of St. Wendel's old town.

'Angel's - das hotel am golfpark' is nestled amidst a fantastic one-of-a-kind landscape composed of a creative mix of typical golf terrains from Ireland, England, Canada and Florida.

The restaurant serves Asian/Mongolian specialities. It has a surface of 11.000 m² and sa seating capacity of 280.

In 2007, between the Theel stream and the high track of the orbital road, the Asian garden was completed. It was created based on the model of traditional Chinese gardens. It is unique in the Saarland. The terrain of 2,400qm was laid out in the course of employment and qualification measures by asylum seekers.

Historic avenue with historic houses in the heart of Luxembourg City. Lined up like pearls on a string, the magnificent Belle Époque buildings on Avenue de la Liberté lead to the Place de Metz, which is dominated by a beautiful bank building with an opulent, turret-adorned façade.

The rail repair works AW Hallen was built in 1906 and once served as principal maintenance and repair shop for the Royal Prussian Railway.

The B-Werk in Besseringen is a panzerwerk, a defence system, which was built between 1938 and 1940 by Hitler.

Victorian-style café and pub.

The bakery "Sander" is located in an old brick building. The interior decoration and the wall decoration are from the 1950s. The bakery is a corner building.

With a city layout that is unique in the Saarland, with its Baroque architecture, its pedestrian zone, its medicinal treatment and cure programmes and, not to forget, its delicious gastronomy, beautiful Blieskastel meets all the requirements to fulfil most wishes. It's the place to experience living history.

the baroque building which, today, stands on the busy B41 federal highway in Ottweiler is known simply as the Pavilion.

Largest athletic field in Southwest Germany. Baseball field, softball field, lawn. The stands can accommodate approximately 300 spectators.

Becker Tower, the Becker Brewery's former brewhouse, was erected between 1925 and 1931 according to plans by a governmental master builder from Stuttgart, Hans Herkommer, who had risen to architectural fame in 1920s Germany for his building of Catholic churches.

Die Firma Becker Motors befindet sich in einem traditionsreichen Autohaus am Verkehrskreisel im Gewerbegebiet „Hoher Staden“ im Schmelzer Gemeindebezirk Hüttersdorf. Neben den klassischen Geschäftsfeldern eines Autohauses, stehen Wartung und Verkauf von Oldtimern und US-Fahrzeugen im Vordergrund des Betriebes.

The "Beeden Tower" are the ruins of a church tower in Beeden, which was first mentioned in 1212.

Bettinger Mill, which has a proud 750-year history and once belonged to the Benedictine monastery Tholey Abbey, has been in use to grind grain up until the late 1970s.

The biotope of Beeden is home to numerous animal species, e.g. tail cattle, water buffaloes, and Konik horses are used extensively for grazing. Even the white stork feels comfortable here.

the old compressor house of the former mining plant Griesborn today houses a Blacksmith and Locksmith Museum.

The Bliesgau is a district of the Saarland, named for the river Blies, a tributary of the Saar River. The territory extends from the city of Homburg over St. Ingbert to the French border.

the monastery was built in 1682/1683 by master Thomas Gampfer on a small hill in the Bliestal valley called the Han.

Blumenstraße (literally: flower street) is situated in the Nauwieser Viertel, a residential neighbourhood that's particularly popular among students and artists.

Memorial for people who died in the World Wars.

Der Bohnental-Rundwanderweg verbindet die fünf Orte des Bohnentals: Scheuern, Neipel, Dorf im Bohnental, Lindscheid und Überroth-Niederhofen. Zuwege von allen Ortsteilen sind angelegt. Die Wanderung geht über hügeliges Gelände mit mehreren Steigungen und ist als mittelschwer einzustufen.

the botanical garden is situated next to the main entrance of the University of the Saarland. Show and educational garden on scientific basis.

5000 sqm karting centre in a former industrial building. Race track with start and finish arches, two pit lanes, electronic signalling system, timing systems, and monitors.

This MakeUp Studio and school is for private as well as professional make-up artists, making it the only school of its kind in the Greater Region.

Remains of surface installations at the former Reden coal mine, refurbished in part.

Bunker 316, at the foot of Saarbrücken's Halberg, is one of the last entirely preserved bunkers of the original Siegfried Line, a line of defensive military fortifications, also called the Westwall. The Regelbau bunker type 108b MG embrasure with MG casemate, flanking installation, and periscope was built 226 times.

Former cinema dating from the 1950s. Large theatre with balcony (approx. 300 m²), small theatre with 70 seats, guest room with bar (can accommodate up to 70 persons), small storage room.

New multi-party office building with 4 storeys. Steel and glass facade with open wood staircase facing east.The GIU (society for innovation and corporate development) is located on the top floor.

Coming from Eupen, the N61 (national road) meanders through a long stretched valley in the direction of Verviers.

parts of the former loading facility were used to convert the ground floor of an old grain silo into a café.

this former 1950s cinema was converted into an event location by the municipality of Eupen.

Former turning shop and metal workshop. Old skeleton-frame construction, infill covered with tiles. Inside the building, the metal roof beam construction is visible.

the casemates were built approximately five centuries ago for the protection of the medieval castle and the château of Saarbrücken (Saarbrücken Castle - also featured in the Location Guide).

situated in the heart of the tri-border area of Germany, Luxembourg, and France, Casino Schloss Berg is housed in the contemporary annexe of the Renaissance château Schloss Berg.

the Celtic ring wall encircles the Dollberg, a hill about 695 metres above sea level near the town of Otzenhausen.

archeologically documented burial mounds in the Franco-German border area bear witness to the fact that Celtic tribes used to populate the valley of the river Nied.

with its facilities and services, the Lebenshilfe gGmbH (literally Life-Help LLC) supports mentally handicapped people and their families.

Perched on a hilltop, above the wine-growing town of Grevenmacher, the picturesque white Chapel of the Holy Cross is clearly visible from afar.

The chapel, which dates back to the 17th century, was renovated in the 1970s.

Falkenhorst Castle is the name of a mansion which dates back to the 19th century Gründerzeit (literally Founders' Epoch).

ancient military keep/château in charming surroundings. Renovation in progress (2011).

the concept of the ensemble revealing typical French forms, château Ziegelberg was built in 1878 to serve as a residence for the family of Edmund von Boch.

The public square surrounds the Catholic parish church Saint Stephanus, which is situated on Kirchstraße (church street). It is paved with cobblestones and surrounded by historic buildings.

built of red sandstone, St. Arnual collegiate church is one of the few buildings in the Saar region which date back to the High Gothic era. Its construction lasted from 1315 to 1390.

Building company (civil and structural engineering). Storage depot (600 sqm) with indoor crane and vehicle pit. Offices on the first floor.

modern building, particular architecture, good interior construction, multiple possibilities for use

via a tunnel, the five-storey Innenstag Saarbrücken office building is connected to the new Cosmos Direkt offices, located in an eight-storey tower building.

located at an intersection in the small rural town of Marnach in northern Luxembourg, the wood-panelled cubist construction reminiscent of a factory building was conceived by architect Romain Hoffm

the Cylinder is situated directly next to the State Media Office%u2019s administrative building (also listed in the Location Guide database) and connected to it via a footbridge on the first floor.

The first official documentary mention of Dagstuhl Castle dates back to 1290.

Dancing school with 4 studios spread on several floors. Historic building dating back to 1870. Vaulted entrance, staircase from the 1950s, inner courtyard (with grid fence to the street).

Not a mainstream, run-of-the-mill book shop, but classic establishment (has been around for 40 years) with a traditional range of products. Collectively run by five persons.

the Devil's Gorge is a deep ravine between the cliffs of the Litermont. Enclosed on three sides by high-rising rock faces on whose crags grow trees. Footpaths lead from two sides into the gorge.

The building has housed different hair salons since 1940. Dirk Lange has kept part of the original interior from the 1940s. The salon has been renovated and modernised.

since 1889, the district of Ottweiler owns the residential palace which, today, houses the district administrator´s office of the district of Neunkirchen.

situated under the Johannisbrücke bridge, next to the freight station, on the edge of the forest, the dog breeding club and dog training centre has a rustic club house with L-shaped main space, cou

the E-Werk (a former electric power station) is an event space of approx. 1900 m² (29,9 m x 63,5 m) with a capacity of 3500-4000 spectators.

off the beaten track of civilisation, tucked away at the foot of the Farrenberg mesa in Oberwürzbach, you will stumble upon mysterious Eicherts rock.

the Ellenfeld Stadium in Neunkirchen was built in 1912 and has since been transformed and expanded several times.

Ancient Roman copper mine gallery with original inscriptions, carved in stone, dating back to the 3rd century. Historical system of galleries, cut almost horizontally into the steep rock slope. Some parts of the mine are secured with modern support technology. Ore mining in the middle ages, primarily extraction of Azurite, a copper carbonate mineral (used as a blue pigment and a major source of the blue colour employed by medieval painters). This special hue of azure, a favourite of Albrecht Dürer's, for example, is also called "Wallerfanger Blue" after the municipality of Wallerfangen.

Ennert de Steiler is located on the “Marché-aux-Poissons” (“fish market”), the central place with a historical background in the old town of Luxembourg.

located in the Saar Valley, part of the slag heap has been reclaimed, extensively replanted and transformed into a publicly accessible recreation area.

when Ensdorf became an independent municipality in 1936, a town hall needed to be established.

The Escape Room offers rooms of strategy games with an industrial flair with the topic "the factory" ("Die Fabrik").

The Escape Room offers rooms of strategy games with the following topics:
- the curse of the pharaoh (Egyptian flair)
- the game (gloomy and dirty room, like the room from the first scene from SAW 1)
- Jack the Ripper (London 18th century)

live escape room game with a "Jack the Ripper" theme, set in 18th century London

live escape room game set in the dark, dilapidated, blood-stained bathroom of the horror movie SAW

live escape room game with an Egyptian theme and decor

Open since October 2010 and situated in the centre of Saarbrücken, the Europa-Galerie has a total of 25.000 m² of space, with 110 stores, cafés and restaurants spread over 3 floors.

The Europe Monument is situated in the south-western part of the Saarland, in the district of Saarlouis.

The archaeological park is a French-German cross-border project which combines excavations and reconstructions of Celtic and Roman finds with exhibition and educational facilities.

Eva Ferranti - Italian Hand-made Fashion was founded 12 years ago and the company has been established at this address for the past 2 years.

theme rooms

new multi-party office building with 7 storeys. Block-shaped construction covered with metal netting which permits LED lighting with colour effects during nighttime.

Die Falkenstraße in Neunkirchen ist eine Nebenstraße in der Innenstadt mit einigen Wohnhäusern. Interessant sind die alten Wohnhäuser aus Backstein, welche alle zur selben Zeit entstanden sind, was die Straße zu einem sehr interessanten Szenenbild machen kann.

the lorraine farmhouse dates back to 1735. It has been restored and, today, serves as a rural museum. The interior has, in part, been transformed in order to create a certain museum quality.

Independent filling station with repair shop, specialising in US automobiles and limo rentals.

the Filmhaus (literally film house) is a communal art house cinema with three screening rooms.

Located in an industrial zone in the commune of Leudelange, this peculiar fire station can be seen from afar, its hose tower being reminiscent of a launch pad.

Studio 104 is a modern fitness loft specialising in personal training. It’s located in an old building and occupies a space of 140 m².

On a surface of 2000 m², Trewa Fitness offers a sports centre with fitness arena, aerobics and spinning studios, squash and badminton courts, weight training facilities, circuit training, indoor an

Two-room-flat with a big living-dining area which has two glass doors, that lead you into the garden, a wooden floor and a kitchen.

Flow trail, approx. 2 km long, built specifically for mountain bikes.

Folsterhöhe is a tower block complex on the outskirts of Saarbrücken, located approx. 3,5 km from the city centre, close to the French border.

This former border checkpoint between Germany and Belgium is known in local vernacular as Köpfchen. The formerly so-called control kiosk, an oval.

During the course of the 1990s, a 40 hectare complex emerged on the grounds of the former Neunkirchen Ironworks, boasting marvellous monuments and relicts from the heyday of the iron and steel industry.

The building, which used to be the headquarters of a bank, today houses a computing centre and business offices. Spectacular modern, daring architecture with lots of angles and slants.

the building which formerly housed the Wallerfangen town hall (and today serves as an elementary school) was commissioned a century ago by Adolf von Galhau, the town´s mayor at the time. Elongated building structure with tree-lined gravel forecourt.

Saarlouis, named after Louis XIV of France, was built by French military engineer Vauban as a fortification on the banks of the river Saar in 1680. Later, parts of the fortress were slighted.

The castle ruin of the Hohenburg, also called castle Homburg or fortress Hohenburg, is located in Homburg in the Saarpfalz-Kreis in the Saarland.

Three-storeyed villa in the St. Arnual quarter of Saarbrücken. Built in 1896, the clinker brick building formerly served as an officers' mess and later as a theatre space.

This railway building, which dates back to the 19th century Gründerzeit (literally "Founders Epoch"), was entirely transformed to serve as a photo studio and event location.

50 hectare landscape park. Lake with pedal boats. Bandshell, stream of water, small train on tracks, gastronomy, bunker, Gulliver%u2019s World, mini golf course, cable car.

St. John's cemetery was laid out in 1883 and closed shortly thereafter, in 1917.

Hotel/restaurant in the centre of the village Primsweiler of the municipality of Schmelz.

the Galgenberg Tower in Spiesen-Elversberg was built between 1937 and 1939 and measures 17 metres in height.

old residential building, renovated in 2006. Caritas Catholic charity centre with homeless shelter and soup kitchen. Located directly across from the Saarlouis train station.

residential building with 32 apartments, built in 1966, completely renovated in 2008

community food bank located in a former tobacco factory in an industrial park on the city of Saarlouis. Renovated and restructured in 2008/2009

The Neue Gebläsehalle Neunkirchen is a multifunctional event and concert venue. The hall with gradually ascending theatre seating can accommodate up to 1000 audience members.

Der Gänseweg bietet neben der einmaligen Natur auch Einblicke in die vielfältige Kulturgeschichte des Bliesgaus.

sprawled over 60 hectares of land, this attractive 18-hole golf course is situated on an elevated plain in the Saargau mountain range, near the French border.

the Gisinger Hole is located in the middle of the woods. With its spectacular gorges and ridges, it is perhaps the most beautiful part of the Idesbach Path hiking trail.

Hair salon with integrated barber shop on a surface of 180 m².

on the outskirts of the Baroque city of Blieskastel (also featured in the Location Guide), on top of the Blieskasteler hill, 310 metres above the ground, stands a prehistoric limestone colossus.

Gondwana is a leisure facility on the former site of the mine “Grube Reden”. In two halls, the evolution of the earth from its beginning until Gondwana’s process of formation is portrayed.

when the Göttelborn coal mine was founded in 1887, 13 miners, supervised by an overman and a mine inspector, went to work.

the 450 m long wall that runs along the urban motorway of Saarbrücken is the largest continuous legal spraying surface in Germany.

Grand Hotel Cravat is situated in the heart of Luxembourg City.

Street (named after Frederick, Grand Duke of Baden) with beautiful old buildings.

Lock: in 1806, Napoleon dictated the canalisation of the river Saar by imperial decree in order to facilitate the transportation of coal from the Saarland to France.

the salon which specialises in men and women hairstyling is located on the ground floor of a 1950s building. By means of a wall breakthrough, the two main rooms of the salon have been connected.

historical buildings from the late 19th century, old brickwork, industrial heritage, former railway repair centre. Recently renovated. Today authorised Harley-Davidson dealership.

magnificent golf and country club in the far east of Belgium. Set in a slightly elevated location (320 metres a.s.l.), the golf course and the teeing grounds are partly terraced.

In the baroque historic centre of Blieskastel stands the most prominent fountain in town, Hercules’ Fountain. Johann Simon Rosinus, governor to the barons von der Leyen had it built in 1691, which makes it the oldest fountain still preserved to this day in Blieskastel. It dates back to the era of the Reunion policy of the French monarchy under Louis XIV (1679-1697), when Blieskastel was a French "Saar province". In the course of the centuries, the fountain had to be rebuilt several times. The Hercules statue which adorns it today is said to be the sixth. It is the work of the local sculptor Joachim Kisch, who created it in 1954 as a faithful copy of the predecessor model.

Long street which connects downtown Saarbrücken with the “Alt-Saarbrücken” district (old Saarbrücken).

high ropes course

The "Bach- und Burrenpfad" hiking trail passes along 5 creeks and 3 wells that are, for the most part, situated in a mixed forest in the municipal district of Hüttersdorf.

On December 2, 1934 the Hindenburgturm (“Hindenburg tower”) was inaugurated as a memorial for the soldiers who died in the First World War.

The building was erected in 1937 to serve as the Reich’s Finance Ministry.

founded by the Walloon Remacle de Hauzeur in the early 18th century, the Düppenweiler copper mine employed up to 300 miners.

the first written mention of the name Ottweiler refers to a castle and dates back to 1393. The town of Ottweiler, however, played only a minor role in the Middle Ages.

the building, which is situated above a historic salt well, is being used as a theatre and culture centre. Auditorium with stage and balcony, several adjoining rooms.

The historic former town hall building dates back to 1910. It has a beautiful sandstone facade and is decorated with several Art Nouveau elements.

the historic village of Larochette has many different facets.

The historical estate was built in 1702 by Swedish master-builder Jonas Sundahl by order of Charles XII (King Carl of Sweden, also Grand Duke of Finland, Duke of Bremen-Verden and Duke of Palatinat

Long and broad street which connects downtown Saarbrücken with the “Alt-Saarbrücken” district (old Saarbrücken).

the building in which this tattoo and piercing shop has been established 20 years ago is over 100 years old. Traditional, yet eclectic interior.

The “Home of the Canes” is the only original American Football field in Saarland.

the boutique design hotel Am Triller is quietly located in the old part of Saarbrücken (Alt-Saarbrücken), yet still favourably and conveniently situated as regards transport facilities - downtown i

The hotel and restaurant, composed of a medieval and a modern building, is nestled in a park, bordering a beautiful artificial lake and Illingen's castle ruins.

ncient château transformed in boutique hotel. Antique rooms, beautiful courtyard with medieval defence tower, charming French formal garden

located in the heart of Saarbrücken, Hotel Domicil Leidinger houses a 3 star hotel (Village Hotel) as well as a 4 star hotel (Ambiente Hotel).

This charming historic-style hotel, whose original building parts date back to the 15th century, is said to have hosted young Goethe when he travelled through the Saarland in 1770.

Located within the horseshoe-shaped country estate complex Hofgut Furpach, the Karchersaal ballroom is perfect for private festivities, cultural events, banquets, seminars, etc.

Hotel with regular guest rooms and holiday flats. The guest rooms all have an individual design and are named accordingly (e.g. king's room, emperor's room, wedding room).

Landhaus Rabenhorst is idyllically situated in a park-like setting in the middle of a forest.

Record shop, graffiti supply shop, head shop, located in the trendy Nauwieser neighbourhood of Saarbrücken. The shop is situated in a historical corner house.

the Johannishof Culture Centre%u2018s empty ballroom has been equipped with climbing walls and climbing towers.

the Aqualouis indoor swimming facility with sauna world was built in 1968.

For some years now, a gigantic construction project has been in progress amidst the industrial wasteland of a former steelworks in Belval, a suburb of Esch-sure-Alzette: on an unused and, for the m

This long industrial road in Belval, a suburb of Esch-sur-Alzette, leads past the fallow buildings of a former industrial site.

the Israelite Cemetery is situated in the southwest of Saarbrücken, just south of the Neue Bremm border crossing between Germany and France.

Plant nursery with own cultivation and horticulture.

The Jewish cemetery was built in 1747 and enlarged in 1905 and again in 1923. Until 1831, the deceased of the Jewish communities Neunkirchen and Ottweiler were buried here as well.

The Cité Judiciaire is a judiciary quarter, located in the very heart of Luxembourg City, not too far from the commercial district downtown.

Kalinka’s mission is to help integrate children of Russian background into German society, while preserving their ability to communicate in their mother tongue and to appreciate Russian literature

Pub that specialises in sausages. Eclectic design mix reminiscent of the 1960s and 70s ('like your grandma's living room').

Very steep street ; wonderful view of Saarbrücken from the highest point of Kantstraße.

Located within the horseshoe-shaped country estate complex Hofgut Furpach, the Karchersaal ballroom is perfect for private festivities, cultural events, banquets, seminars, etc.

This 19th century farm house has undergone renovations for one year to be transformed into a residence while maintaining many original parts and objects.

Kino 8 ½ is a charming independent art house movie theatre. Here, shows are not anonymous mass events, but rather intimate experiences that bring film fans together.

In close proximity to the D`COQUE events and sports centre on the Kirchberg Plateau in Luxembourg-City, a new public green space with bodies of water has been created.

towards the end of the Middle Ages, the primary function of the Reichs-Fortress was to oversee the Kaiserstrasse (Emperor´s Road), the main road connecting Paris with the Rhine river.

ocated in the town of Kirkel-Neuhäusel, the rock path, which in part is a geological nature trail, winds in serpentines along a 6 km stretch of bizarre rock formations.

this former railway storage building with 1800 m² usable floor space was transformed into a training centre and is now being used as a cultural centre.

night club with several dance floors spread over a space of 1.400 m² on the ground floor of the former Neufang Brewery.

modern car dealership for multiple brands (Jaguar, Land Rover, Ford and Volvo), specialising in the distribution of new vehicles and in the provision of garage services.

With a water surface of 120 ha, Bostalsee is the largest leisure lake in south-western Germany. It offers visitors a great variety of leisure activities, such as surfing, sailing, or paddle boats.

already in the 18th century, the area surrounding Lake Niederwürzbach was considered to be among the most beautiful regions under the jurisdiction of Marianne von der Leyen (1745-1804).

dammed up in 1979, the Noswendeler See is a picturesque lake in an idyllic location, surrounded by woodland, meadows and reeds.

the leaning houses of Sulzbach are situated in the Rote-Weiher-Strasse. Underground coal-mining has caused the houses to take on a precarious tilt.

The Leibniz Center is the world's premier venue for informatics, where scientists, researchers and practitioners come together to exchange their knowledge and to discuss their research findings.

Historical screening room with 120 seats. The building has been used as a cinema since the end of World War I. After it had to close down in 2011, a non-profit association resumed the service.

Quietly situated on the outskirts of the forest. Shadowy parking lot. Reclining and tanning areas on the terraces, by the pools and on the lawn (sunny, shadowy and quiet spots).

after having undergone extensive, lavish renovations, this former estate was transformed into an equestrian centre and hotel.

the Nalbach Valley`s landmark, the Litermont Cross, can be seen from afar. It was mounted on a jagged rock ledge in 400 metres height and has wonderful far reaching views across the valley.

the Europe 1 long-wave transmitter is located in Felsberg, approx. 8 km southwest of Saarlouis, directly on the French border.

Der Punkt Bammerscht ist ein Aussichtsplateau im Ortsteil Auschet in der Gemeinde Schmelz. Das Hochplateau bietet einen einzigartigen Ausblick in das nördliche Saarland, vor allem in das Gebiet des Schwarzwälder Hochwald. Auch das Bohnental und der Schaumberg sind gut zu erkennen.

nestled amidst high forest woodland, Losheim Reservoir is beautifully situated in the low mountain range, 330 m above sea level.

the Lützelbach Tunnel is located in the city centre of Saarbrücken, next to the Central Station and the main post office.

20,3 hectares in extent, the Luxembourg American Cemetery is situated in a beautiful wooded area, just outside of Luxembourg City, in proximity to the airport.

The historic railway station is located south of the city centre and surrounded by urban, modern buildings.

over the past years, the small town of Wiltz has realised an ambitious project: the construction of a school centre for the northern region of Luxembourg.

remnant of an industrial past, the cone-shaped Lydia heap bears witness to the mining history so closely tied to the Saarland.

very unusual bistro with eclectic, mostly 1950-style décor

the manor, which dates back to the first half of the 18th century, recently underwent a fundamental restoration.

the Maria-Helena riverboat theatre was originally an old barge.

Secondary school. The 3-storey main building from the 1960s has a moment-resisting steel frame and a large atrium.

The Maybach miner's settlement was established from 1901 to, respectively, 1905 and 1910.

quirky beverage mart, situated in a former print shop, in the Nauwieser quarter of Saarbrücken. Shop window and entrance date from the 1960s, the interior goes as far back as the 19th century.

The Gegenort mine shaft comprises a shaft hall, an old pit frame and an open-air ground, idyllically nestled amidst woodlands.

The Mineral Museum emerged from the private collection of Augustinus Stein, a passionate agate collector from Oberkirchen. Stein acquired most of the findings within the local region.

Der Entwurf des Turms beruht auf dem Grundgedanken, dass der Umgang mit Relikten aus dem Kohlebergbau, der für die Gemeinde Riegelsberg über viele Jahre prägend war, neu definiert werden muss.

Mithraism, a mystery-cult religion celebrating Mithra, the Persian divinity of light, dates back to the Roman Empire. Religious practice was centred around a cave, the mithraeum.

Racetrack Mitsubishi-Korz ring. 250 Meters long, width 4-5 m. Club with kitchen. Terrace with a place for grilling.

The Benedictine Abbey of St. Mauritius in Tholey is said to be Germany%u2019s oldest monastery. Findings of a Roman public bath date back to the 3rd century AD.

Montclair castle is situated near Mettlach, on a long stretched ridge amidst the so called Saar Bend, where the river meanders through the Saar valley in a horseshoe-shaped loop.

Motion capture video studio, 7 x 8 metres, with 17 video cameras, a 12 camera motion capture system, and a lighting system with daylight panel lighting.

Situated on the Kirchberg Plateau, Luxembourg`s Museum of Modern Art, the Musée d`Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean (or MUDAM for short) is a gem of contemporary design, conceived by the famous architect

This multi-storey car park was built on the grounds of Luxembourg Central Station to accommodate train travellers.

seven-storey car park (over 500 spaces) situated in downtown Saarlouis. Bright and friendly architecture.

inner city park with playground, water fountain, exercise parcours for seniors, Kneipp wading pool, basketball court, football pitch.

the Wohnstadt settlement dates back to the 1960s. It is characterised by 2 main development roads and traffic-free streets leading to the individual houses.

renovated baroque style castle with beautiful park

steam engine train with adjoining museum

The LNS is a multidisciplinary institute residing in a building complex that is rather out of the ordinary.

the 14-hectare zoo on the outskirts of Neunkirchen is home to over 500 animals representing more than 100 species: falconry with raptors and owls, Asian elephant temple with large outdoor enclosure

situated in the Valley of the Seven Castles, Ansembourg Castle stands close to the hamlet of the same name in Luxembourg.

the Niedaltdorf cave was formed during the Holocene, a geological epoch which began around 10.000 years ago.

built in 2013, the observation tower offers gorgeous clear views of large parts of Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate and the picturesque old town of Ottweiler.

This 1950s office building can be found at the former German-Belgian border checkpoint, on highway A44/E Aix-la-Chapelle/Liège.

The Old Abbey in Mettlach, completed in the middle of the 18th century, traces back to a Benedictine monastery.

Built in 1773 on the outskirts of Saarlouis, the old cemetery is listed as a historical site.

The Old Choir Belfry ("Alter Chorturm") is a belfry of a former, possibly Romanesque church from the 12th century. It has been renovated and is now used for religious purposes.

The customs house was built in the 17th century for levying bridge tolls. Later, it served as workers' house for the iron-smelting plant "Bettinger Schmelze". Today, there is a museum with conference rooms and a council hall.

To aid defence, the keep was built around 1410 above Ottweiler's castle walls. The tower is 48 metres high, the lower parts of its walls are 3 metres thick.

The lovely little town of Limbourg is divided in two parts: the modern lower part, which is the commercial centre, and the medieval part or upper town, which sits on a crest high above the Vesdre R

the Old Pharmacy is an outpost of the Museum of Local History (Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Ottweiler).

Old train station in neo-Gothic style - could be described as a mix between German Gothic (1250-1500) and Tudor Gothic (1500-1600).

the oldest steam-driven hauling machine is located in the historic engine house at the former coal mine Velsen.

on a sales area of 200 m², O. Häfele offers seasonal decorative articles. Different rooms with different decorative themes. Bar counter. 300 m² storage depot (can be used as an event venue).

replica of Claude Chappe´s optical semaphore station, which was part of the telegraph line inaugurated by Napoleon I in 1813, operating between Metz and Mainz.

Der Erzgräberweg ist einer der Saar-Lor-Lux-Kulturwanderwege und führt zu den Zeugnissen der vorindustriellen Erzverhüttung in Schmelz. Startpunkt ist der Wanderparkplatz „Dreihausen" (Ambetstraße). Der Weg führt entlang des Sollbaches zu den aufgelassenen Erzgruben, die aufgrund ihrer Größe das Ausmaß der Abbautätigkeit erkennen lassen.

the former industrial port, which is located in close proximity to the Ostspange (urban motorway) in Saarbrücken, today serves as a small port of refuge for inland vessels.

Built in 1759 by Earl Anton von Oettingen-Sötern, the baroque villa is named Oettinger Schlösschen (literally Oettinger's little chateau) after its resident.

This ultra-futuristic footbridge allows pedestrians to cross the railway lines at the Esch-sur-Alzette railway station. Access via elevator.

Traditional family-run 4-star hotel on the outskirts of Völklingen.

the Stadt Saarbrücken passenger cruiser measures 39 metres in length and 5 metres in width. It can accommodate 150 people inside and has an additional 100 seats on the sun deck

Situated behind the central station, this pedestrian bridge connects the rue de Bonnevoie with the station platforms.

Perfect Pain, Germany's largest tattoo studio, can be found in a villa that dates back to 1900 and has been extensively renovated, inside and out. Huge wall painting outside.

standing on top of the Peterberg hill in the northern Saarland, the astronomical observatory opened its doors to the public in 1997.

The beautiful Peterhof stud farm is idyllically located on 30 hectares of abundant prairie land in the border triangle between Germany, France and Luxembourg.

The Petit Pain bake shop gets its typical French style bread and pastries from a traditional bakery in Lorraine. Small free-standing sales pavilion from the 1950s with platform roof.

Party ship, which has the style of pirates

The police department is situated in the heart of Saarlouis, in a former barracks building, which presumably used to house stables at some time.

Carpenter's shop specialised in staircase construction. Large factory work floor with woodworking machines and CNC machining centre.

Der Dorfbrunnen ist eine ehemalige Viehtränke und diente der Wasserversorgung des landwirtschaftlich geprägten Oberdorfes von Primsweiler.

Spread over an area of 20 hectares on the site of a former industrial port, Saarbrücken's Bürgerpark has a very contemporary feel to it.

public pool with clever roof construction. Weather permitting, the roof can be opened within a few minutes, transforming the indoor into an outdoor pool.

Raeren Castle, whose origins date back to the 14th century, is situated in a valley in the small village of Raeren.

This railway station which serves the neighbourhood of Belval in southern Luxembourg has been completely rebuilt. It was inaugurated in 2010.

This former rural railway station can be found in the heart of the small village of Raeren, near the German-Belgian border.

for almost 150 years, black gold has been unearthed at the Reden coal mine.

Slag heap filled up with anthracite grey washery refuse, measuring about 80 to 90 metres from foot to peak, with steep slopes.

the state-of-the-art system of basins with rain water, pit water and diverse planting (landscaped 

Repair garage, car park for oldtimer. Car hoist. Tiled floor. Enough space for four to five cars. In a corner, elevated lounge area. Large swing gate.

mixed residential and commercial building, situated in an exclusively residential area in the district of Roden (Saarlouis).

residential and commercial building, built in 2008, with lovely courtyard.

residential buildings with 6 apartments each. Built in 1930, renovated in 2005. Exclusively residential area in the heart of Saarlouis.

this provencal rockery with terraces was created on a 2000 m² terrain on a south-western slope.

situated on the banks of Lake Niederwürzbach (also featured in the Location Guide), Annahof houses a residential hotel and restaurant.

the Zur Wilden Ente restaurant and beer garden -before known as Saar Schleuse restaurant -has belonged to the Schley family for over a century.

Alternative burger joint. Vintage look. Cool, comfy dining room (eclectic furniture, sandstone walls, wooden beams). Open kitchen with large American-style flat top grill.

old farm barn which was renovated and developped into a rustic style restaurant with tiled stoves, relics of the original use of the building and tables on various floor levels.

Gräfinthaler Hof is situated on the lower reaches of the river Blies, near the town of Bliesmengen-Bolchen, in the vicinity of the border between Lorraine and the Saarland.

Housed in an old building with a red brick fa%uFFFDade, the restaurant serves modern creative cuisine. Cosy, artsy, eclectic, romantic atmosphere.

vegetarian restaurant with a penchant for Asian, especially Japanese cuisine. Very special, relaxing, colourful atmosphere. The walls are decorated with large-scale oriental-style frescoes.

located next to the main entrance of the Saarlandhalle, the restaurant has a large window front facing South and facing the football stadium Ludwigsberg.

In an industrial park on the outskirts of Luxemburg City, a gigantic storage depot has undergone an ambitious transformation to become a hip and trendy new restaurant.

bistro, restaurant

riding stable with indoor arena (20m x 40m, with spray-irrigation system), recreation room with two tables, office, restrooms, training classroom, 2nd floor in development, riding arena, 55 boxes,

situated between the towns of Felsberg and Picard, the equestrian facilities comprise numerous functional buildings, stables, stalls, indoor and outdoor boxes, horse walkers, paddocks, a large indo

the Rischbach gallery is part of the former St. Ingbert mineral coal mine, which closed its gates in 1959.

The River Lady offers day cruises for tourists, groups, companies, etc. The boat, which can accommodate 110 passengers, was built in 1928 near Amsterdam.

Measuring 200 metres in length, this two-lane steel bridge spans a section of the tracks at the Luxembourg Railway Station.

This two lane road tunnel of approximately 100 metres length passes underneath the Philharmonie Luxembourg concert hall. It leads from Rue J. F.

the city of Saarbrücken owes its development to the crossing of traditional roadways which were used as European long-distance roads, such as, for instance, the Roman roads leading from Metz to Wor

the park, a discovery area which illustrates the Roman past of the region, is affiliated with the Museum of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology in Pachten.

the Roman Villa in Perl-Borg has been reconstructed on the basis of ancient remains that were discovered about one hundred years ago by a teacher named Johann Schneider.

Exceptional hotel ensemble whose felicitous juxtaposition of old and new architecture is enhanced by its serene natural surroundings.

this modern cogeneration plant supplies large parts of Saarbrücken with electricity and long-distance heating.

The roof apartment is on the second floor. It has a large living room with window front and additional windows in the sloping ceiling. This is in 1 ½ storey height.

This long stretch of a street, located in the heart of Luxembourg City, is perfectly suited for filming scenes with a historical context.

The rue de l`aciérie is a long street in a working class suburb of Luxembourg City. On one side, it is lined with the houses of former steelworks employees.

the S.A.L.T. yacht harbour is located under the Ostspange bridge in Saarbrücken.

the wooden crane flanking the Wilhelm Heinrich Bridge is a reconstruction of the historic Saar Crane (Alter Saarkran), built in 1761/62 according to plans by and under the supervision of the archit

Saarbrücken's château dates back to the mid 18th century.

Saarbrücken´s neo-Gothic city hall was designed by Georg J. von Hauberisser, the architect who was also responsible for the construction of the city halls in Munich and Wiesbaden.

situated on the banks of the river Saar, the Saarbrücken racecourse is equipped with two courses: 1 sand 1.000 m (left-handed) for trotting races and 1 grass 1.100 m for gallop races.

Mid-20th century baker's shop with 500 exhibits on display in the showroom, a reception room and an apprentice's room.

the building which, today, accommodates the school museum was built around 1800 as a regular residential house. In 1905, it was renovated and modified, and a home economics school was set up.

Nestled in the Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve, right on the border between France and Germany, the founders of Saarland Therme thought up a unique oasis of relaxation, inspired by the Mediterranean Sou

built between 1951 and 1954, Saarlouis´ city hall embodies a positive example for the construction style of the 1950s.

pedestrian zone with cobblestone pavement in the heart of the city. Lively area with numerous pubs, restaurants and cafés, which during the summer have their tables and chairs out in front.

the history of Sanem Castle dates back to the 13th century.

With an altitude of 569 metres, the Schmauberg is one of the highest elevations in Saarland. It is the well-known landmark of the municipality of Tholey, visible from a great distance.

Scheer Tower is the new home of several companies belonging to the Scheer Group, employing a total of 250 employees.

Scheune Neuhaus was built in the late 1800s on the premises of a centuries-old château, the origins of which stretch back to a 12th century castle (Wanborn Forest Castle) that belonged to the Count

situated below the ruins of Hohenburg Castle, which used to stand on top of the Schlossberg hill, the Schlossberg caves in Homburg are the largest sandstone caves in Europe.

the Schwarzenbergturm measures 46 metres in height and dates back to 1930.

it was the expanse of the Franco-German landscape, extending from Büdingen and Wellingen (belonging to the German district of Merzig) to the French villages of Launstroff and Waldwisse, which deepl

Hiistoric service building on the "Schlossplatz" in the city of St. Wendel.

Shisha cafe with oriental and modern flair in Saarbrücken. Centrally located in the city center.

as its name suggests, the small theatre is situated in the basement of Saarbrücken´s neo-Gothic City Hall (also featured in the Location Guide).

As the green heart of Weiskirchen, the spa park is entirely accessible to the public and a paradise for promenaders.

Situated in Kaltreis, a suburb of Luxembourg-City, a mushroom-shaped water tower can be seen from afar.

this superterranean eight-storey air raid shelter was built in 1938 and measures 23 metres in height. During World War II, it could provide shelter from air raids to approx. 200 people at a time.

On the eastern slope of St. Arnual, the lower, the middle and the upper path run pituresquely up to a beautiful viewpoint.

St. Hubertus Church, situated in the village of Lontzen, dates back to the 18th century and was built according to plans by an architect named Joseph Moretti.

beside the obligatory garages, changing rooms, training classrooms and workshops, this fire brigade station, a functional concrete construction, also disposes of a respiratory protection training f

St. Johanner Markt is a market square in the very heart of Saarbrücken. As its name implies, it used to belong to the once independent municipality of St. Johann.

Situated in the very heart of Saarbrücken, St. John's Basilica was built between 1754 and 1763.

Nestled into a beautiful hilly landscape, St. Katherine%u2019s Monastery can be seen from afar. An access road leads to the main entrance.

built in 1923/24, the church´s peculiar architectural style obscures its actual age, making St. Michael´s appear to be older than it really is.

the Staden is a stretch of riverbank in the very heart of Saarbrücken, which extends approx.

Description classic bistro with wooden tables, U-shaped counter and pool table. Large window front facing the pedestrian zone. Seating and service available outside in the summer.

modern U-shaped office building with interior court facing east. Four floors. Different departments are distinguishable by different colour patches on the building. Ramp access to interior court.

Located on the second floor of a two-story former factory building, the artist`s studio has a surface of approximately 300 m². It's fitted with wooden floors and sky lights.

this small chapel, built in neo-Gothic style, was originally a private chapel for the Stumm family (the brothers Stumm had purchased the Neunkirchen Ironworks in 1806).

One of the most beautiful event venues in the Saarland, the Stummsche Reithalle is an octagonal mid-19th century landmarked building.

Gallo-Roman place of worship with several small temples and a secular building which probably served as lodging for pilgrims.

situated on Saarbrücken's Beethovenplatz, the synagogue was inaugurated in 1951, a few months after the Jewish community had re-established itself in the Saarland following WW II.

this camping site is located in immediate proximity of the Goldene Bremm (border between Saarland/Germany and Lorraine/France), next to the motorway and can be accessed via side roads.

Partly restored extensive castle complex situated on a hilltop, protruding over the Saar Valley.

the first underground tunnels were built in 1644, in the era of Spanish domination.

on its way up north, right after having passed the town of Merzig, the Saar river meanders around the western spur of the Hunsrück mountain range.

theatrical venue with full stage, orchestra pit, auditorium with original wood panelling, ascending rows of padded seating, charming foyer, and several smaller function rooms.

Motorcycle repair shop specialising in Enduros and off-road racing motorbikes. Alterations and modifications for long-haul and overseas travel, restorations.

Exuding a rather sedate, veteran ambiance, this train station (with classic transit area, ticket counters and adjoining platform) is located right next to an industrial zone, in the heart of the small village of Mersch.

bowling center with entertainment, sports bar and billiards.

Sandstone rock formation in the Limberg ridge. Accessible to the public via a hiking trail with, in part, steep ascents. The more difficult parts of the trail have wooden handrails and stairs.

Fully equipped TV studio with 2 studio cameras (one static, one movable), cold and warm light, vision mixer, audio production console, light commander and several control monitors.

the administrative building which houses the offices of the UKV health insurance company was built in 1995.

the university campus is composed of a great variety of different buildings and structures dating from the past eight decades.

the main building was built in the Neo-Roman style by Franciscan nuns in 1903. During World War I, it was temporarily occupied by German troops, then by French troops from 1919 on.

situated in the town of Bexbach, on the border of the Saar-Pfalz district, the Utopion outdoor terrain offers over 100 hectares of space for activities and events of all kinds.

Next to the former Velsen coal mine, in a variegated sandstone slope, 30 meters high, face lines of a total length of 700 meters were driven onto 3 levels and technically set up in such a way that the underground area and equipment exactly resemble the environment and infrastructure of a coal mine.

Victor's Residenz-Hotel is a 4-star superior business and conference hotel with 145 classically elegant rooms and suites.

Victor's Residenz-Hotel Schloss Berg in Perl-Nennig disposes of 113 exclusive, individually designed rooms and suites, 4 event capacities and conference rooms (ranging from 70 to 360 m²), a wellnes

In the first century AD, an important Gallo-Roman settlement developed at the crossing point of the Roman roads leading from Metz to Mainz and from Trier to Strasbourg.

for years, the American minimalist sculptor Richard Serra has relied on the sheet metal and the know-how of the German steel supplier Dillinger Hütte to produce his large-scale works, which have be

situated in a beautifully idyllic setting above the city of Saarbrücken, Villa Europa consists of two buildings from different eras, which were arranged at an angle to each other.

this landmarked neo classical villa with winter garden was built in 1834 by the Villeroy and Boch ceramic manufacture. It stands in a park like garden.

Der Burrwieser Platz ist ein von der örtlichen Dorfgemeinschaft angelegter kleiner Platz im ältesten Ortsteil des Gemeindebezirkes Hüttersdorf der Gemeinde Schmelz, der Buprich genannt wird. Der Platz befindet sich zwischen der Straßenecke und dem Bachlauf des Rinkerbaches. Er dient als typischer kleiner Dorfplatz als Ort der Ruhe und Erholung aber auch zum kleinen Plausch, dem „majen“ unter Nachbarn. Er wird von der Dorfgemeinschaft Buprich e.V. gepflegt.

It is rather difficult, at first sight, to define or categorise this peculiar building. Its modern architectural style stands in sharp contrast to the surrounding scenery.

the former coal mine started operations in 1963. At the time, it was the most modern coal mine in the world. Shut down in 2005, it is today under preservation order.

Remote location amidst fields. The futuristic looking water tower is situated at the end of an industrial zone, on the outskirts of the village of Eynatten.

with their 15 hectares of vineyard, the Petgen-Dahms have managed their own family business in the tri-border region of Germany-France-Luxembourg for four centuries now.

In memory of the Homburg freedom fighters "Siebenpfeiffer" and "Wirth" and the "Hambacher Fest", which they had called, in 1832.

the game reserve with natural preserve is situated near the town of Rappweiler, which is part of the health resort of Weiskirchen.

pedestrian crossing built in 2010 which connects the two streets Wilhelm-Meyer-Straße and Leipziger Straße in the Malstatt quarter of Saarbrücken.

the willow dome is the Saarland's largest living building, a cupola construction with a diameter of 10 metres.

the Hass & Ziegler woodshop/woodworking company disposes of one open and one enclosed large capacity storage depot, two swarf silos, one office building, and one planing factory (old brick buil

Initially founded in 1873 by a smelting engineer in the town of Völklingen/Saarland, the Völklinger Hütte (Völklingen Ironworks) was in operation for more than a century.

Located near Tholey-Sotzweiler, the steel sculpture (whose name translates into word sail) is 13 metres high and weighs 30 tons.

this wreck yard is situated next to the former Schleifmühle train station, at the edge of a forest. The fenced in and locked up terrain spans over 5.000 m². Two-storey factory hall, spare parts inventory, office, break room, bathroom. Dismantling hall with two scissor lifts, garage, storage racks for motors. Pallet cages and containers for separating recyclable materials.

residing in a building formerly occupied by the local health insurance administration, the youth centre on Försterstraße is among the first to have been opened more than a quarter century ago in th