Blumenstraße (literally: flower street) is situated in the Nauwieser Viertel, a residential neighbourhood that's particularly popular among students and artists.

Die Hohenzollernstraße ist eine lange Straße, die am Rande der Innenstadt beginnt und in Richtung St. Arnual zur Ostspange führt.
Die Straße umfasst ausschließlich impulsive Altbauten und alte Stadtvillen.

Straße mit Kopfsteinpflaster die eine interessante enge Kurve hat. Des Weiteren befindet sich in der Straße noch eine kleine Kapelle. Die Straße ist sehr hoch gelegen.

lined with historic buildings, whose garden terraces are joined across the narrow street by footbridges, the Rue des Écuries is located just steps from the Parc de la P%uFFFDpini%uFFFDre%u201D.

pedestrian crossing built in 2010 which connects the two streets Wilhelm-Meyer-Straße and Leipziger Straße in the Malstatt quarter of Saarbrücken.

This two lane road tunnel of approximately 100 metres length passes underneath the Philharmonie Luxembourg concert hall. It leads from Rue J. F.

exceptional location consisting of a rural road junction, a closed down filling station and an abandoned house.

Measuring 200 metres in length, this two-lane steel bridge spans a section of the tracks at the Luxembourg Railway Station.

The rue de l`aciérie is a long street in a working class suburb of Luxembourg City. On one side, it is lined with the houses of former steelworks employees.