Situated behind the central station, this pedestrian bridge connects the rue de Bonnevoie with the station platforms.

Coming up an alley lined with gnarled, windswept trees, you will find an odd pair perched on the hilltop above the vineyards of the small village of Remerschen: a wind turbine and, next to it, a concrete construction shaped like an oversized mushroom.

This former border checkpoint between Germany and Belgium is known in local vernacular as Köpfchen. The formerly so-called control kiosk, an oval.

The car wash is located in a back compound and can be reached from the street via a roofed-over access way.

This bus stop is situated on a slightly descending town high street in the small town of Wallersheim in Rhineland-Palatinate.

This bus stop with shelter is situated in a desolate location at a rural intersection just outside the small town of Schlausenbach.

Coming from Eupen, the N61 (national road) meanders through a long stretched valley in the direction of Verviers.

The bus terminal was built in 1964 and has since remained virtually unchanged (on the outside as well as on the inside). The building has been renovated and is still in use as a bus terminal.

Historic avenue with historic houses in the heart of Luxembourg City. Lined up like pearls on a string, the magnificent Belle Époque buildings on Avenue de la Liberté lead to the Place de Metz, which is dominated by a beautiful bank building with an opulent, turret-adorned façade.